Starting an Email List: Everything You Need to Start Emailing in 5 Easy Steps

So you want to start an online business, but now you realized that you need to pop an email in there somewhere. How to even start? You’ve heard of autoresponders and different email providers, but you know it can’t be that easy and you are not even sure you even need it at this point. Well, if you are confused by the whole concept of email and why you need it, and also how to set it up, I will explain everything to you in laymen’s terms.

Download the free Email Marketing Set up Checklist, and we'll walk through how to use it right now in this very blog post. When we're done you'll know exactly how to set up your emailthat and get your online business off to a great start. Ready? Let's dive in.

1.Decide which autoresponder you will use to grow your list

Before you start diving into writing any emails, you need to pick the appropriate autoresponder for your business. A professional autoresponder is another “must”, if you want to build your client list and/or sell products.

Just like you would read about a product before buying, you want to

establish how the service handles its list management.

You need to know how they handle a follow-up series and how easy it is to send out a broadcast.

For maximum effect, it is also important to know how to segment your subscribers with your autoresponder service.

If you are only dealing with a handful of clients, the latter is not important, but if you’ve written, say, a signature book for sale on Amazon and you are promoting it—or you sell other products—you may end up with hundreds to thousands of subscribers. That is when list segmentation becomes important.

(And it’s a good idea to outsource your autoresponder maintenance to a specialist VA!)

Aweber and Get Response are two of the most fully-featured, easy to afford—and popular autoresponder services. Both are comparable in price (around the $20 per month mark) and both provide customization, templates, FAQs, setup wizards, and tutorials.

With AWEBER: You can create multiple lists under one account, create numerous autoresponder series, send out broadcast emails at the drop of a hat, and choose from dozens of pre-loaded templates to give your emails more professional look.

With Getresponse, its Autofunnel feature is more visual& easy to set up. Also, its landing pages are not as bulky as AWEBER.

If you really want to be super analytic and want to automate your segmentation, then Active Campaign would be the email autoresponder that you are looking for.

PRICING: 30-day free trial then plans start at $19 USD per month for up to 500 subscribers.

Make sure to grab the Email Marketing Set up Checklist. This has step-by-step instructions on how to set up your lists in Aweber as well as Active campaign.

A Word of Caution:

NEVER use a free autoresponder: They are usually loaded with ads; many of which will either cheapen your site or compete with your products or services. Plus support is usually minimal to non-existent: They are there as a platform for the developer’s advertisers.

2.Start to brainstorm ideas for your opt-in bribe

Now that you have picked your autoresponder, you need to figure out what you need to develop your own freebie, opt-in bribe, or whatever you want to call your free gift to whoever signs up to your list.

First, how will you deliver it?

Here is a list of formats that you can choose from:

  • Worksheet

  • Checklist

  • Planner

  • Audio file

  • Video

  • Excerpt from your eBook

, Just please….no 450 thousand-page eBooks. Think quick and easy.

Can’t think of anything? Here are some tips to help you create your Opt-in freebie.

  • Check your hard drive for content you’ve already created

  • Choose a pain point that’s important to your audience

  • Look on Pinterest

  • Interview an industry leader via video or audio

  • Purchase new PLR (Private Label Rights) content

Now for the inside of the Freebie:

  • Write down the benefits of your opt-in bribe

  • Brainstorm some catchy taglines

After you have figured out your freebie, now it's time to pretty it up!

Use Canva to create a title graphic and a cover.

Need some templates? Use The Complete Blogger Template Toolkit or Fiverr.

Now you have an Opt-in to give away.

3.Create a landing page for your Opt-in bribe

So here’s the thing….

Your readers have short attention spans.

I’m sure that you have already figured this out. In fact, you probably go through the Internet super fast too, scanning titles for subjects that sound exciting, skipping to the bottoms of sales pages, and trying to fast forward the video clips just so you can get to the next subject.

The same is true for everyone that is passing by your page, and if you want to capture their attention long enough to get them to give you their precious email for your freebie, then you have to keep that in mind.

Which reminds me…….

Have you ever noticed that everything you need to know about a news story is the first thing that you read in big letters? Journalists are really good and figuring out the questions that you want to be answered—who, what, where, when, why, and how—in the first few sentences, just in case the story gets cut off when the paper goes to print. Wow, how times have changed!

In today’s online world, where column inches really aren’t a thing, this type of story formatting isn’t quite so important as much, but it’s still a useful tip to use when you’re creating an Opt-in Landing page.

Let us muse on this: If your people are skimmers (as most of us are) then making sure you include the most important information right at the top of the page is greatly going to improve the fact that they sign up for what you are cooking, right?

For opt-in pages, that means putting the biggest benefits in your subject line and following it up with two or three sentences that build on your headline. That is really it in a nutshell. Keep it short, sweet, and benefit-driven, and you’ll have a great chance than you would with longer content.

Short and Sweet.

Let's look at the ways you can create a landing page.

Check your current website theme for a landing page template.

If you don’t have a template, try these on:

  • Optimize press

  • elegant themes.

  • Opt-in Monster

  • Lead Pages

  • Click Funnels

Crafting a Compelling Call to Action

While it seems as if you can assume that your people know exactly what to do when they reach your special landing page, but the truth is, it’s just not true. You have taken their hand and show them the next step. Give them specific steps and you’ll have a higher conversion rate than if you don’t.

Your call to action should tell your person exactly what to do next, like this:

  • Click here to download

  • Enter your name and email for instant access

Seems like they should know this right? But alas no….

Watch the text on your form buttons, too. After all, “Subscribe” or “Sign Up” doesn’t exactly make you feel excited, does it? Consider using a phrase that matches your call to action instead, such as:

  • Get the Checklist!

  • Send the Video!

  • YES! I want this Checklist Right Now!

Here is the meat and potatoes of it all.

Creating a long-term marketing plan – which includes consistently emailing your list – is key to the success and growth of your business.

No …really.

You can have everything all running smoothly, but if the emails aren’t right, then you will be missing out on a lot of money.

You need to create emails for the long term.

Creating a marketing content calendar is helpful so you never have to question what you’re writing or talking about each day. Never staying satisfied with the status quo will help your business become even more successful in crafting email sequences.

Plan your content

Remember…emails are a form of content, so if you have an editorial calendar to plan your blog posts or social posts, you can use this same calendar for your email marketing efforts.

Coordinate your blog posts, social posts, and emails based on season, big industry events, or simply on topics that your audience finds useful. Even if the email is a reminder to check out your latest blog post, your audience will get used to hearing from you and you’ll drive traffic to your website.

This is where I tell you all about Love your List 2.0.

This course is probably the email course that I never thought I wanted but absolutely glad that I got it.

5. TEST your Opt-in link to be sure it works!

Last, but certainly not least, you want to make sure you pick up Email Set Up Checklist. This way, you can just print it off and follow it step by step.


How to test your Opt-in link.

  1. You need to establish a tester email (create another Hotmail or Gmail account ) so you can:

  2. Go to the landing page that you have created and Opt-in using your tester email.

  3. Check to see if your page has the correct confirmation page when it accepts your email.

  4. Then log in to your tester email and check to see if you have received the appropriate Welcome email.

  5. Also, check to see if you are receiving the next set of emails so you can see if you set up everything correctly.

After you've have picked out your autoresponder, figured out your Opt-in in Freebie that you are using, and developed your landing page….truly…you are in it to win it!

Test your link out in another browser so you know that it’s for sure working and then, from this point all you must do is focus on your emails.

Again, grab the Email Marketing Set up checklist to help you set up.

Also check out the Love your List 2.0 to focus on your amazing emails.

This course comes with templates already ready for you to plug and play! It’s amazing and can be used for any niche!

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